Membership Committee

The Membership committee works to increase membership and facilitate the process of joining and renewing one's membership.

Kristen Votruba, PhD, ABPP-Cn

Committee Members:
Amanda Johnson, PhD, ABPP-Cn - Vice Chair
Hillary R. Easton, MA
Larry Perlman, PhD

How does the purpose of the committee fit with the MPA mission?
The Membership committee represents psychologists’ interests by:

  • Advocating for providing benefits, services and opportunities of value to psychologists and coordinating with other committees within the organization for the provision of such.
  • Advocating for organizational membership and participation by those engaged in the practice of psychology at various psychological practice licensure levels, or as academic professionals or graduate students in the field of psychology.

The Membership committee represents the mental health needs of the public by:

  • Developing and implementing membership policies that promote adherence to ethical standards for the profession and of practice in the community.

Strategic Plan for 2020:
1.  Increase the membership of MPA by at least 100 members by the end of 2020 by the following means:
      a.  Put forth formal proposal to the board for providing free membership to new ECPs/Graduate students.
      b.  Continued branding efforts:
            i.  Work with the Communications Committee
            ii.  Continued work to improve Listserv
            iii.  Continued work with volunteers regarding graphics/work for Social Media/Listserv
2.  Evaluate current application process:
      a.  Revise/edit on-line application
      b.  Include self-identifying specialties

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