Program Committee

The purpose of the Program Committee is to oversee continuing education conferences for MPA.  This includes the development of conferences that serve the needs of the MPA membership and sanctioning of conferences developed by other MPA entities and committees.  The Program Committee aims to present a variety of educational offerings, including conferences that will satisfy state licensing requirements for the practice of psychology, as well as conferences that reflect topically important content areas for the many forms of psychology practice, in accord with our national affiliate, the American Psychological Association. 

Cameron Paxton - MA, TLLP 

Committee Members:
Holly Hale, PhD - Vice Chair
George Chapp, MA, Ed.S., TLLP
Lisa Yufit, PhD

Rebecca Ellens, PsyD 
Michelle Leonard, PhD
Sarah Tarbox-Berry, PhD


How the Program Committee fulfills MPA’s Mission
The Program Committee represents psychologists’ interests by:

  • Promoting the professional education of psychologists in the state of Michigan, including the recognition that professional development is on-going throughout the professional lifespan,
  • Providing or assisting in providing conferences that address the wide range of topic areas important to professional psychology practice including (not exhaustively):
    • Psychotherapy;
    • Psychological and neuropsychological evaluation;
    • Needs of diverse populations;
    • Integration of psychological and neuropsychological practice in medical settings;
    • Professional development at various stages of the professional lifespan; and
    • Professional, institutional, and academic practice.
  • Providing conferences that assist members in meeting the continuing education requirements of state licensure (e.g., regular training in professional ethics, pain management, human trafficking and implicit bias, at the time of this writing),
  • Ensuring that conferences provide a breadth of perspectives reflective of the diverse interests of MPA members including regional concerns within the state; professional affiliations; and diverse, socio-cultural representation, and
  • Ensuring that access to conferences is a consideration in conference planning. 

The Program Committee represents the mental health needs of the public by:

  • Developing programs that represent the various constituencies that psychologists serve, including diverse populations with their own unique characteristics and needs, and
  • Developing programs that address optimal health and well-being for individuals and communities, mindful of the diversity of the populations we serve.

The guiding principle encompassing the work of the Program Committee is to provide professional education which reflects the highest standards of psychology.

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