Integrated Care Committee

The goal of the Integrated Care Committee (ICC) of the Michigan Psychological Association (MPA) is to improve the accessibility of quality psychological care for the residents living in Michigan who face health challenges.

Andrew R. Champine, PsyD

Committee Members:
Stacey R. Gedeon, PsyD, MSCP
Amy Williams, PhD, HSP
Anatol Tolchinsky, PhD
Shawn N. Hondorp, PhD, ABPP
Molly E. Gabriel-Champine, PhD
Scott J. Nyman, PhD, ABPP
Heather Kirkpatrick, PhD, MSCP, ABPP
Lori Lackman Zeman, PhD, ABPP
Julija Stelmokas, PsyD
Elissa H. Patterson, PhD

The Integrated Care Committee fulfills the MPA Mission by: 

  • Advocating against disparities which prevent access to quality psychological care for residents of Michigan
  • Improving access to evidence based treatments and models of care delivery by Michigan Integrated/Health Psychologists
  • Providing education opportunities for Michigan residents and providers that promote improved health practices

The Integrated Care Committee aligns with the MPA Vision by:

  • Increasing the connectivity of Integrated/Health Psychologists across Michigan
  • Providing a forum to support the practice of Integrated/Health Psychology in Michigan
  • Increasing the visibility of Integrated/Health Psychologists across Michigan

In order to meet our goals, certain subgroup populations should be represented, including but not limited to:

  • Health Psychologists
  • Pediatric Health Psychologists
  • Rehabilitation Psychologists
  • Psychologists integrated into Primary Care Practice, medical acute/tertiary centers, VA hospitals

Strategic Plans for 2020:
1.  Form a functioning committee that represents the interest of Psychologists in Integrated settings in Michigan
      a.  Increase number of Integrated HP members in MPA
      b.  Increase number of Integrated HP on our committee
            i.  Specifically, recruit a Student onto the ICC, someone from the VA and For-Profit PC Setting
      c.  Advocate for fair Reimbursement for the HB Codes across all MI Insurance Payors
2.  Improve connectedness of Psychologists working in Integrated Settings in Michigan
      a.  Work to create a Health Psychology specific conference each year
      b.  Host at least 1 Social Event each year
3.  Increase visibility of HP in Michigan
      a.  Provide at least 1 educative piece of information for the Communication Committee to post on MPA Social Media at least once per month

Connect with us!
If you would like to join the ICC, please contact Dr. Champine.