MPA Graduate Student Committee

The Michigan Psychological Association Graduate Student (MPAGS) Committee represents the interests of graduate students in psychology graduate programs in Michigan. MPAGS works to promote the advancement and inclusion of graduate students in state psychology efforts. The committee provides support and guidance for students at all stages of graduate school. MPAGS is passionate about involving students in learning practical skills as they advance in the field of psychology and prepare to become active members in professional psychology.

Kelsey Hill, BA

Committee Members:
Jasmine Morigney, XXX - Vice Chair
Jared Boot, MA
Ted Allaire, MS

MPAGS' Active Projects Include:
1)  A mentorship program between graduate students, early career psychologists, and established psychologists
2)  "Hot topic" events/seminars on graduate student concerns, such as EPPP and licensure. 

We are open to new ideas and interested in expanding this committee and its efforts.  MPAGS represents the interests of students to the MPA Board, including recruitment, student participation, and programs geared to giving students a voice in the association.

How does the purpose of the committee fit with the MPA mission?
The MPAGS Committee represents psychologists’ interests by:

  • Understanding the needs of graduate students within the state.
  • Increasing engagement with and advocacy for graduate students.
  • Representing graduate students to the MPA board.
  • Promoting recruitment and retention of graduate students as they transition to practicing psychologists in MI.
  • Fostering a community that includes graduate students in leadership.

The MPAGS committee represents the mental health needs of the public by:

  • Advocating for graduate students and their training, which will promote long-term access to high-quality mental health care in the State of Michigan.
  • Connecting graduate students to MPA, increasing the sustainability of the association and its missions to represent the public’s mental health needs

Please check out the MPA Graduate Student page for further information. 

To learn how to be involved in the Mentorship Program, please visit the Mentorship page.

Keep an eye out on the MPA Events page for seminars geared towards graduate students! 

Connect with us!
We are interested in adding more members to our committee and open to new ideas of projects to explore for graduate students. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Kelsey Hill.