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Number of current MPA members = 813

Starting in 2022, MPA has reduced membership fees for early career psychologists and post-doctoral fellows in an effort to make MPA membership more accessible! Please see the Member Types tab under Membership for more information.  

MPA Annual Report 2020 is HERE!  Enjoy reading all the wonderful accomplishments of MPA over the past year.

HHS extends COVID-19 national public health emergency declaration an additional 90 days

The MIOSHA Emergency Workplace Rules are still in effect (here is a link to view the rules issued by MIOSHA).

Does your healthcare facility (anywhere in the US) fall under current emergency orders?  See the flow sheet for more information.

Under the MIOSHA Emergency Workplace Rules, MIOSHA adopted guidance directly from U.S. OSHA. Specifically, MIOSHA adopted their regulation on COVID–19 Emergency Temporary Standards.  This includes the regulations that healthcare settings must follow, which can be viewed HERE.

As an additional resources, U.S. OSHA also established an Emergency Temporary Standard webpage for healthcare facilities/settings.  This webpage has quite a few resources from U.S. OSHA that can provide more information on what is specifically required for healthcare settings under the MIOSHA rules/OSHA regulations.  There is a factsheet and FAQ,  among other things. 

The webpage can be viewed HERE.

Information regarding Implicit Bias training requirement:

  • Requiring implicit bias training in healthcare was a recommendation made by the Michigan Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities in Summer 2020.  The Executive Order directed LARA to develop rules/requirements for implicit bias training, and to consult with relevant stakeholders during that process.  Representatives from hundreds of organizations within those 25 affected professions participated in work-groups that gave input on best practices for implicit bias training. Dr. Ellen Keyt represented MPA in the work-group. 
  • LARA Implicit Bias Training Stakeholder Engagement Summary
  • Final Rule - Public Health Code
  • Implicit Bias FAQ

MPA opposes SB218!  We encourages members to submit a letter doing the same.  Please inform yourself re: the harmful misinformation and stereotyping of transgender individuals.  Using science-based knowledge and facts, the MPA Diversity, Inclusion and Social Responsibility Committee created a fact sheet re: Youth Inclusion in School Sports; please read as anti-transgender legislation is being introduced throughout the nation.  

MPA Statement Condemning the Violence Toward the AAPI Community

Michigan Suicide Prevention Commission Report is available for review!  We congratulate MPA-nominated member Dr. Adelle Cadieux for her contributions to this important commission report!

Dr. Josephine Johnson was awarded an APA Presidential Citation by Dr. Jennifer Kelly for her service to all the communities of which she is a vital and distinctive part—APA; the Michigan Psychological Association; Divisions 31, 35, 42, and 45; the Association of Black Psychologists; The Guidance Center; and the community of her colleagues and those she has served with dignity.  

Dr. Johnson’s contributions to the profession of psychology and psychologists in her communities have unifying theme - advancement of and advocacy for the future of psychological practice; support, growth, and development of psychologists;  respect, recognition, empowerment, fellowship, and inclusion of all; an understanding of multicultural issues; and dedication to public service.

Dr. Johnson’s contributions to APA include service and success as a Member-at-large on the Board of Directors, Member of the Council of Representatives, Chair of the Board of Convention Affairs, Chair of the Membership Board, Chair of the Task Force on the Implementation of the Multicultural Guidelines,  Member of the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice for which she was Chair of the Work Group on Multicultural Issues, and Chair of the Committee of State Leaders.

Dr. Johnson’s contributions to the Michigan Psychological Association which include serving as President and Federal Advocacy Coordinator have been recognized with the Beth Clark Service Award for her demonstration of volunteerism, initiative, integrity, and good will in the service of MPA; Distinguished Psychologist of the Year; and the MPA Fellows Award.  For her commitment to SPTA and diversity, she was awarded the State Leadership Award and the Diversity Award with the Committee of State Leaders.   She is the recipient of Division 42’s Public Service Award; and received the Distinguished Community Service Award from the Farmington-Farmington Hills Multicultural Multiracial Council.

Dr. Josephine Johnson is receiving this Presidential Citation for her consistent and significant contributions to her colleagues, her profession, APA and its divisions, the Michigan Psychological Association and other communities, all of which she has served notably, selflessly, and adeptly. 

Thank you, Dr. Johnson for your service to APA and psychology!

The Michigan Psychological Association condemns the violence witnessed on Wednesday January 6th 2021 at the U.S. Capitol.  This horrific and deadly incursion was especially troubling to us as Michiganders, as it followed a protest by armed militias in our State Capitol and a domestic terrorist plot against our Governor.  We support the American Psychological Association's statement, and further endorse that trauma is cumulative and psychologists have a critical role to play in informing the public on psychological science as it pertains to anti-racism and building resilience during uncertain times within our communities.

During this time of the pandemic, the Michigan Psychological Association has followed with interest the difficulties that psychology licensure applicants have experienced with the EPPP.  Please read MPA's Letter to Board of Psychology!

Did you hear?!  MPA has a YouTube Channel!  Please subscribe and watch the space for future seminars.

Please read Dr. Ellen Keyt's written piece based on interviews with Dr. Jane Robinson, Dr. Amorie Robinson & Dr. Josephine Johnson about "A Brief History of the Michigan/Metro Detroit Association of Black Psychologists, Black Psychology & MPA."

MPA's Statement - Black Lives Matter!

Resources related to MPA's Pledges in Support of Black Lives Matter

American Psychological Association #EquityFlattensTheCurve Network

People of Color Surviving COVID-19: Ten Steps to Maintain Physical Distance While Staying Emotionally Close

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources

If you would like to learn about racial trauma and healing, please consider the 2019 American Psychologist special issue, by guest editors Drs. Lillian Comas-Diaz, Gordon Nagayama Hall, Helen Neville & Anne Kazak.

American Psychological Association's Division 31 State, Provincial & Territorial Affairs' Interactive Map of State Psychological Association's Black Lives Matter statements.

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MPA in the News



(Interview starts at the 6:08 mark - WDIV-TV4)

Jennifer Peltzer-Jones, PsyD., RN, talks about resources available for mental health services and that it's OK ask for help.

COVID-19 Resources

Key Medicare Changes for 2021

Biden administration signals likely extension of Public Health Emergency through the end of 2021

COVID-19 Guidelines for Offices - Summary of MIOSHA Emergency Rules

Michigan COVID-19 Vaccination Interim Prioritization Guidance.  Updated on 01/06/2021.

Michigan COVID-19 Information & Vaccine Information.

Michigan COVID-19 Vaccines Frequently Asked Questions.

CMS addresses telehealth and supervision of testing in 2021 fee schedule final rule.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services developed a resource for Michiganders called “Stay Well”.  

Special Olympics Resources for How to Stay Active during a Pandemic!

Wayne State University COVID-19 Resources

Mental Health and Wellness Clinic at Wayne State University is providing FREE mental health treatment at this time!

Information from American Psychological Association on COVID-19 and its impact on professional practice

McLaren Wellness Support for Healthcare Providers

APA's Webinar Series for Students and ECPs

COVID-19 Resources for Rehabilitation Psychology Professionals, found here, from Div 22

Society of Pediatric Psychology, Div 54 - COVID-19 Resources, found here

Coronavirus Resources and Assistance for Michigan

Center for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 Guidance

Applying HHS's Guidance for States and Health Care Providers on Avoid Disability-based Discrimination in Treatment Rationing