Submit to Website/Newsletter

Policies and Procedures for Website and Newsletter Submissions

  1. All submissions must be made to the Webmaster or the Editor of The Michigan Psychologist.


  2. The content of all articles and posting to the website or The Michigan Psychologist must be psychological or related to the practice of psychology.


  3. The website and The Michigan Psychologist are official communications of the MPA. Articles on the website or in the newsletter may not espouse a policy that differs from official policy adopted by the MPA Board of Directors.


  4. Comments or articles uploaded to blogs or forums may espouse policies or positions other than MPA policy. Blogs and forums will have disclaimers stating that the contents do not reflect MPA policy.


  5. Any blogs or forums using the name Michigan Psychological Association or the MPA logo must be cleared with the Chair of the Communications Committee.


  6. The Communications Committee may reject any article that is offensive, defamatory or inappropriate for a professional communication.


  7. Articles submitted to the newsletter or website may not benefit the writer financially.