Regional Membership Groups Committee

The purpose of the Regional Membership Groups committee is to develop, support, and sustain regional subgroups of MPA within the State of Michigan.

Elizabeth Imbesi, PhD, ABPP

Committee Members:
Grant Heller, PhD - Vice Chair
Sylvia Malcore, PhD, ABPP - West Michigan
Angela Argento, PhD - Washtenaw County
Melanie McNally, PsyD - Upper Peninsula

How does the purpose of the committee fit with the MPA mission?
The Regional Membership Groups committee represents psychologists’ interests by:

  • Understanding and supporting the locale-based needs of psychologists throughout the state.
  • Increasing opportunities for professional engagement, peer supervision, consultation,and networking for local psychologists.
  • Representing regional groups to the MPA board.
  • Promoting recruitment and retention of psychologists to MPA membership.
  • Providing local, MPA-supported opportunities for psychologists to attend professional-development events such as presentations.
The Regional Membership Groups committee represents the mental health needs of the public by:
  • Supporting the development of local networks, referral sources and digital infrastructure that will promote long-term access to high-quality mental health care in the State of Michigan.
  • Connecting community psychologists to MPA, increasing the sustainability of the association and its missions to represent the public’s mental health needs. 

Connect with us!

Are you interested in joining the Regional Membership Groups Committee?  Please contact Dr. Elizabeth Imbesi.