Public Education

Public Education Campaign Purpose and Goals

APA's Public Education Campaign is a multiyear initiative that consists of several social marketing initiatives and targeted public awareness campaigns intended to accomplish specific objectives that support the association's strategic plan. The overarching goal of the campaign is to educate the public about how the science and application of psychology benefits society and improves lives.

Campaign Objectives:

• Encourage access to psychological services
• Increase understanding of psychology as a behavioral science
• Demonstrate the value of the psychology profession in a variety of settings, including research, clinical and organizational
• Raise awareness of psychology as a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) discipline.

This initiative is directed by the MPA Public Education Coordinator, who is also the Committee Chairperson.

This person serves as MPA's public education “captain” as well as the campaign's liaison between APA and the MPA. The coordinator may be called upon to:

• Speak to the media about the public education campaign.
• Speak at state association meetings, community workshops or seminars.
• Hold or help coordinate community outreach activities such as a psychology booth at a local health fair.
• Serve as mentor to APA members seeking guidance about how to use public education materials.
• Track the use of campaign materials in the state.
• Attend the APA State Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. for leadership and public education advocacy training.
• Promote the campaign within the state.

For more information or to get involved, contact the President of MPA.