Program Committee

The Program Committee seeks to bring optimal continuing education to Psychologists in the State of Michigan.  This is carried out with the demands of a large state, and many diverse interests.  Topics and locations are selected to maximize accessibility and educational interests.   These often include updates in the areas of ethics, insurance, and test development.  Workshops and seminars on various therapeutic interventions are sought.  Presenters from around the country visit us here in Michigan to allow attendees opportunities to interact some of the best lecturers.  We recognize not all interests can be met.  However, the program committee is available to membership’s input and ideas.   Volunteers are also warmly welcomed. 

Interim Chair:
Antú Segal, PsyD, ABPP

Committee Members:
Lisa Yufit, PhD
Janice Tomakowsky, PhD
Christine Liff, PhD, ABPP
Laura Krasean, PhD
Michelle Leonard, PhD 
Tyler Roskos, PhD, ABPP

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For more information, contact chairperson Dr. Segal.