Master's Committee

To represent Limited Licensed Psychologists within the scope of the Michigan Psychological Association in order to maintain quality of psychological services and care for residents living in Michigan.

Jeff Toepler, MA, LLP

Committee Members:
Rachel Hagerty, MA, LLP - Vice Chair
Mary Clark, EdD, LLP
Lou McCrowsky, MA, LLP 
Ross Beckley, PhD, LLP
Timothy Strauss, MA, LLP

The Limited Licensed Psychologist Committee fulfills the MPA Mission by:
1.  Giving LLP licensed clinicians an avenue to address their licensure concerns
2.  Advocating that LLPs have a fair playing field with other master-level mental health professionals, and equal access in the market place for Michigan citizens
3.  Maintain high standards of practice and care
4.  To have a unified voice to advocate for legislation that would promote and benefit all LLPs and LPs in Michigan

The Limited Licensed Psychologist Committee aligns with MPA Vision by:
1.  Help educate the public and insurance providers on the strength and quality of clinical training and programs of the Master-level psychology professional
2.  Present a unified position to the Michigan legislature on all issues that promote the professional level, quality, and scope of services of LLPs and LPs in Michigan and nationally
3.  To increase the number of members of MPA among LLPs in Michigan to support legislative efforts, conferences, and educational opportunities
4.  To increase the visibility and voice of LLPs within MPA and APA

In order to meet our goals, the committee membership will include:
1.  Limited Licensed Psychologists with permanent licenses
2.  Licensed Psychologists per the bylaws of MPA
3.  The Chair of the committee will be an LLP licensed professional
4.  The members of the committee will serve terms according the the bylaws of MPA
5.  New members for the committee in the future will be recruited by LLPs or LPs

Strategic Plans for 2019-2020:
1.  Form a functioning committee that represents the interests of TLLPs and LLPs in Michigan
      a.  Identify initial committee members, qualifications
      b.  Communicate to LLPs the purpose and role of the LLP Committee
2.  Increase the number of LLPs who become members of MPA
      a.  Recruit LLPs from various expertise areas, to collaborate, network, share perspectives and resources to promote professional practice
3.  Increase the connectiveness of LPs and LLPs within MPA and APA
4.  Increase the visibility of LLPs within MPA/APA and the public in Michigan
      a.  Create a referral network
      b.  Design a visibility within the MPA communication systems to create awareness of the committee and its purposes
5.  Promote legislation that allows LLPs a negotiated title, independent licensure, and any other issues pertaining to the practice of psychology in Michigan
6.  To promote and assist with professional conferences and educational opportunities for CE credits in coordination with MPA

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Committee Report to Membership - May 2020

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