Announcing: MPA Foundation Dissertation Grant

The Michigan Psychological Association Foundation (MPAF) is “responsible for administering funds for educational and other charitable programs to promote the public mental health welfare and to advance the science and profession of psychology for charitable, educational and scientific purposes.” To further the mission of MPAF, the Board of Directors has made a commitment to award doctoral dissertation scholarships to deserving students attending Michigan universities. Beginning January 2016, MPAF will be awarding at least one scholarship for up to $1000... [read more]

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Jerome Sattler PhD, presenter at the recent MPA conference.Jerome Sattler, PhD, with MPA Ethics Chair Alan Lewandowski, PhD.MPA President Dane Ver Merris, EdD, was awarded the Karl F. Heiser Award by the APA in August 2015.MPA President Dane VerMerris, EdD, presents the MPA Distinguished Psychologist Award to Alan Lewandowski, PhD.Tamara McKay, PhD, receives the MPA Past President's Award at the last board meeting.Presenters Shannon Dennis, PhD, and Kirk Stucky, PsyD ABPP, both of Hurley Medical Center with Dane Ver Merris, EdD.
Louis Post, Ph.D.

Dane K Ver Merris, Ed.D.
Past President


Debra Smith, Psy.D.

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ADHD Position

Michigan Psychological Association Position Regarding the Evaluation of ADD/ADHD by Physicians

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