MPA Hoffman Report Response

Dear MPA members and Michigan psychologists:
By now you are probably aware of the involvement of senior psychologists of the American Psychological Association with US government officials who condoned the use of abusive interrogation techniques. The actions of these individuals were documented in the Hoffman Report that was released by APA in July 2015. The report details the complicity of some APA leaders with the Department of Defense “Enhanced Interrogation Program” that was established after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon... [read more]

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Alan Lewandowski, PhD, delivers remarks.Past MPA President Tamara McKay, PhD, with recent conference speaker Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD.MPA President Dane Ver Merris, EdD, was awarded the Karl F. Heiser Award by the APA in August 2015.MPA President Dane VerMerris, EdD, presents the MPA Distinguished Psychologist Award to Alan Lewandowski, PhD.Spring convention speaker Peter Lichtenberg, PhD, with Mark Kane, PhD.Cynthia Hockett, PhD, winner of the book raffle, with MPA convention speaker Peter Lichtenberg, PhD.Carol Schwartz, PhD, Larry Friedberg, PhD, and J. Lynsey Psimas, PhD were the presenters at the MPA WISC-V conference.MPA President Dane VerMerris, EdD, presents the Beth Clark Service Award to Susan Silk, PhD.

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